'How rewarding, I can finally be part of a close community of people trying to be as different from each other as possible!'

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Thursday, 04 December 2008


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I live in Payne City, GA and enjoy painting and drawing.

These are some of my paintings and drawings. They are here so my friends can see them.

I am not a "trained" artist. This is a hobby for me and I enjoy it. If you think my work stinks then that's your opinion and I think that's just fine.

These images were taken with a digital camera in a variety of light conditions.
If you see something you like and would like to use it in some public display please contact me first. I am the owner of my work.

As I get my other work together for the web I'll have some more to show. (everything won't be here on the web. I need to hold something back for the "live" audience...)








The weather maker


4ftx4ft acrylic

" The Weather Maker "


The end of autumn is near
shortest days of the year
It's not the dark that I fear
It's the bill for the heat my dear!



Some of my work on display at the Blue Tower Gallery
I may have some pieces in a show tentatively scheduled for April 2009.


There is something about "FIRE".
I now have a fire hoop (hula hoop) and enjoy the whole new world that fire affords me.




How to get in touch with me.

(unless I told you to use another email address)
Include a proper subject line or the message may get dumped with the SPAM.






Web Update


Atlanta SantaCon - Santarchy is Dec 19 2009 - santacon.info/Atlanta-GA.

Bohemian Art Supply is getting a make over and along with Bohemian Hoops (BOHO), will be folded into my soon to be up Commercial site 'Bohemian Outpost', a general bohemian merchandise site.

The new year will bring more updates... 2010 will be the year of making massive art. I'll be painting like mad next year with large mural size pieces and doing some sculpture pieces also. My site will get a full make over and become more expressive than this blah-ish blue and orange monstrosity... tune back in frequently after the new year to see what is going on... It should be dramatic and dynamic.




The holiday season is here. Here's to you and yours. Happy times and joy to all.



About the Artist:


John Faherty

Artist, Philosopher, Weirdo

“I love to paint, dabble and push pigment around until some image in my head becomes recognizable (maybe).  Pushing pigment is a better description for what I do with colors than painting. It seems the image is already there. I'm just pushing around bits of color until it is easier to see.

My medium varies greatly from acrylic paint, to spray paint and even plastic resin and natural plant and animal materials. Art has a beat, tempo or rhythm and the movement of brush or fingers against the canvas with the textures of materials beneath and between lets me feel the process of creation in a way similar to the way a guitarist feels the pluck and vibration of the strings beneath the skin and instrument.

I have a passion for expressing what I feel an event or the memory of a place looks like without the fear of them not matching some photograph. Discovering new ways to express my thinking and sharing the results with the world in a creative way inspires me to continue to explore who I am and what life is all about through the visual and tactile tools that birth has given me.”

—John Faherty




Welcome to John Faherty's web site!